Nitori interior goods "limited time price".

Nitori Interior Goods "Limited

Time Offer" Interior goods "Limited Time Offer" will be held at Nitori stores from September 29 to October 31. Up to 150 useful items for daily life, such as storage and kitchen utensils, will be available at a special limited price.

Recommended items for the "Limited Time Offer"


IH lightweight earthenware pot-like tabletop pan (18 cm)

Nitori "IH lightweight earthenware pot-like tabletop pan (18cm)

Nitori "IH lightweight earthenware pot-like tabletop pan (18cm)

This tabletop pot has the appearance of an earthenware pot, but its lightness is apparent the moment you hold it. Compatible with induction cookers, it has a diamond-coated interior to prevent ingredients from sticking to the surface, and a silicone cover for the handle makes it easy to carry after cooking. Regularly priced at 1,990 yen, the limited time offer is 1,890 yen (tax included, same as below).

Tableware: Karacha Shaved Round Bowl 12cm

Nitori "Tableware: Karacha shaved round bowl 12cm

The deep shaved pattern of the KARACHA SHAVEGI series is an accent. The design looks good not only with Japanese food but also with Western food. The regular price is 299 yen, but the limited time offer price is 289 yen.

Also popular are the long rectangular plates (24 x 12 cm), which are easy to use for grilled fish, etc. The regular price is 499 yen, but the limited time offer price is 289 yen. Regularly priced at 499 yen, the limited-time offer price is 479 yen.

8-serial hanger for easy pick-up

Nitori "8 hangers for easy taking in

Hangers that can take in 4 pieces of clothing at once. The frame is made of lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum, and the hangers and hooks are made of polycarbonate, making them durable and long-lasting. Regular price 1,990 yen, limited time offer 1,890 yen.

File Stands and Cases

Nitori "File Stands and Cases

Clearly stores files according to what you need to store and where you need to store it. Two sizes are available in widths to suit your documents, and the design can be used either facing forward or backward. It can also be used as a divider, making it perfect for color boxes and wall storage. Regular price 399 yen, limited time offer 379 yen.

Power-saving tap with 4 connections

Nitori "Power-saving tap with 4 connections

This wood-grained power-saving tap blends in easily with your interior design, with individual on/off switches to cut standby power for unused appliances, one adapter space to easily connect an AC adapter, and a shutter to prevent dust from entering the socket. The regular price is 1,990 yen, but the limited time offer is 1,890 yen.