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November 2023 Fortune Rankings F

ortune Media " zired has announced the November 2023 fortune ranking calculated using Western astrology. The ranking results are as follows.

November 2023 Fortune Ranking

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November 2023 Horoscope

#12: Aquarius

No. 12: Fortune of Aquarius

November seems to be less fortunate than usual. You are likely to experience unplanned problems or be forced to do things you don't want to do, which will make you feel down. Forcing yourself to change your situation will make things worse. In times like these, stay quiet and let your luck flow. If you feel mentally or physically tired, take a rest at home or outside where you can relax. Going to a scenic sightseeing spot for fun or relaxing in a hot spring is also a good idea.

No. 11: Leo

In November, you will be unable to control your emotions and will be prone to getting frustrated and taking it out on those close to you. Even if you don't take it out on them, you may complain and bad mouth them to those around you. This is a month when negative emotions can easily take over, so remember to remain calm and considerate. If you get frustrated or feel like swearing, count slowly in your mind for six seconds before expressing your feelings. Then you will feel calmer than before. In this way, you can better control your emotions.

No. 11: The luck of Leo

No. 10: Aries

No. 10: Fortune of Capricorn

In November, your willpower will be weak and you will be easily swayed by the opinions of others. Be careful not to be deceived or taken advantage of. Even if you fall in love with someone you meet during this month, it may be dangerous to start a relationship right away. Perhaps that person could be a bad influence on you.... Make sure you are sure of their true nature before you start a relationship with them. This is also the month when you tend to be less rational and more emotional. Plan ahead before starting anything.

9th : Virgo

In November, things do not seem to go according to schedule. Plans will come in unexpectedly or be canceled, and you may find yourself in a bit of a flurry. Make your schedule according to your priorities and what needs to be done first. By responding flexibly, you will be able to spend your busy days without trouble. Also, while you are energetic during the first half of the month, you are likely to become tired and stressed and lose motivation during the second half. Take care of yourself and don't overdo it.

No. 9: Fortune of Virgo

No. 8: Gemini

In November, although other fortunes are reasonably good, health is not so good. In this month, overeating and drinking too much will bring down your luck. Be careful if you tend to binge drink when stressed or if you usually drink a lot of alcohol. Take care to eat as healthy as possible. This is also a month when you are likely to attract the attention of those around you. Whatever you do will stand out, so don't cheat or slack off.

No. 8: Luck of the Gemini

No. 7: Sagittarius

In November, it is easy to lose confidence and become weak-willed because of it. It is also the luck to be easily swayed by the words of those around you and the mood of the moment, so be careful not to be deceived by the wrong people. However, the negative atmosphere will only last until the middle of November. In the second half of the month, the atmosphere will switch to positive. You will regain your confidence and will be able to make decisions and judgments on your own initiative. If you are going to start things, I suggest you start taking action in the second half of the month.

No. 8: Luck of the Gemini

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No. 6: Taurus

In November, you will be lucky to see many things change one after another, from small things to big things. Not only will your surroundings change, but your feelings and values are likely to change as well. Some of the changes that will occur in this month may not only be good changes, but also possibly bad changes. However, rather than forcing yourself to go against the flow of fortune, it would be better to follow it honestly. If you go with the flow of fortune in your life, you will eventually reach a new place.

No. 6: Luck of the Taurus

No. 5: Cancer

In November, the more you work hard, the more likely you are to get happy results. If there is something you would like to try this month, I recommend that you take the plunge and give it a shot. There is no need to worry about whether you can do it or not, or what if you fail, before taking action. Let's move forward with a sense of excitement. However, your luck with money is not so good. Be careful not to spend money without a plan. Manage your money more strictly than usual.

No. 5: Cancer's fortune November

No. 4: Pisces

November is a month in which you can improve your future relationship by expressing your honest feelings to your loved ones. Try to tell them what you have wanted to say but couldn't, or what you have been hiding from them until now. By having the other person understand your feelings and knowing your true feelings, you will be able to see things in a new light. Also, a little boldness this month will lead to a boost in your luck. Try setting higher goals than usual. By being proactive, you will get good results later on.

No. 4: Pisces fortune November

No. 3: Capricorn

In November, you will have the opportunity to become friends with people from various professions and with many different values. Some of the people you meet during this month will become your friends. However, there is a suggestion that you will get worked up and say things you don't need to say. You are likely to unintentionally take on a pompous attitude and offend others. When dealing with others, be modest in your assertiveness. Be polite while listening to the other person's situation. This is also a time of easy spending, so be strict with your money.

No. 3: Fortune of Capricorn

No. 2: Libra

: November is a month when you will be able to relax. If you have been busy with work or private life, take this opportunity to rest your body and mind. If there is a hobby or something you have been wanting to do, I recommend trying it out during this month. This is a month of calm and serenity, so you should be able to spend time at your own pace. However, this is also a month when you may spend too much money. Make a plan before shopping, such as "How much can I spend this month?

No. 2: The luck of Libra

No. 1: Scorpio

In November, you will be full of energy and will be proactive in everything you do. You will gain confidence, so no matter how big the obstacles you face, you will boldly take on the challenge. If there is something you have been planning to do or have been interested in for a long time, this is the month to start. Don't think too hard and act on your excitement. Also, rather than doing something with a large group of people, it is better to act alone, as it is likely to go more smoothly and without causing any trouble.

No. 1: Scorpio's fortune November

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