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November 2023 Fortune Ranking

The fortune-telling media " zired " has announced the fortune ranking for November 2023 calculated using Western astrology. The ranking results are as follows.

November 2023 Fortune Ranking

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November 2023 Horoscope

12th place: Aquarius

12th place: Aquarius fortune

November doesn't seem to be as lucky as usual. You are likely to feel depressed more often, such as when unexpected problems occur or when you are forced to do something you don't want to do. If you try to force the situation to change, things will only get worse. At times like this, you should remain calm and leave yourself to the flow of luck. If you feel tired both physically and mentally, take a break in a relaxing place, whether it's at home or outside. It's also nice to go to sightseeing spots with beautiful scenery or relax in a hot spring.

11th place: Leo

In November, you are likely to be unable to control your emotions, get irritated, and attack those close to you. Even if you don't go all the way, you may end up complaining or saying bad things to those around you. This is a month when it's easy to be dominated by negative emotions, so don't forget to be calm and considerate. When you feel irritated or want to say something, count slowly in your head for six seconds before expressing your feelings. By doing so, you should feel more relaxed than before. In this way, you can control your emotions well.

11th place: Leo's fortune

10th place: Aries

10th place: Capricorn fortune

In November, your will will be weak and you will be easily influenced by other people's opinions. Please be careful not to be deceived or taken advantage of. Even if you like someone you met during this month, it may be dangerous to start dating them right away. Maybe that person is a negative influence on you. Make sure you know their true nature before starting a relationship. It is also a month when you become less rational and more emotional. Before starting anything, plan it first.

9th place: Virgo

Things don't seem to be going according to schedule in November. It can be a bit hectic when plans are scheduled or canceled at unexpected times. Decide what needs to be done first, prioritize it, and make a schedule. By responding flexibly to the situation, you will be able to get through your busy days without any trouble. Also, you may be energetic in the first half of the month, but in the second half, you may feel tired and stressed and easily lose motivation. Take care of your health and don't push yourself too hard.

9th place: Virgo fortune

8th place: Gemini

In November, other aspects of your luck will be fairly good, but your health will not be very good. During this month, eating and drinking too much will bring down your luck. People who tend to binge eat and drink when stressed or who drink a lot of alcohol on a regular basis should be careful. Please take care to eat as healthy a diet as possible. This month is also a good time to attract attention from those around you. Whatever you do will stand out, so don't do anything sneaky or slack off.

8th place: Gemini fortune

7th place: Sagittarius

In November, you tend to lose confidence and your willpower weakens because of this. You are also lucky to be easily influenced by the words of those around you and the atmosphere of the place, so be careful not to be deceived by bad people. However, there was a negative atmosphere until around mid-November. In the second half of the month, the atmosphere switches to a positive atmosphere. You will regain your confidence and be able to make decisions on your own. If you want to start something, we recommend starting in the second half of the month.

8th place: Gemini fortune

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6th place: Taurus

November is a sign that many things will change one after another, from small things to big things. Not only will the environment surrounding you change, but your feelings and values ​​will also change. Among the changes that will occur during this month, there may be not only good changes, but also bad ones. However, here it seems better to obediently follow the flow of fortune rather than forcefully going against the flow of fortune. If you follow the flow of your fortune and move forward in life, you will eventually reach new heights.

6th place: Taurus fortune

5th place: Cancer

In November, the harder you work, the more likely you are to get happy results. This month, if there's something you'd like to try, we encourage you to take the plunge. Before you take action, you don't have to worry about whether you can do it or what to do if you fail. Let's move forward with excitement. However, his financial luck is not very good. Be careful not to spend money haphazardly. Manage your money more strictly than usual.

5th place: Cancer horoscope November

4th place: Pisces

November is the month when you can improve your future relationships by conveying your honest feelings to your loved ones. Please feel free to tell him what you wanted to say but couldn't, or what you had hidden until now. By helping the other person understand your feelings, and by getting to know their true feelings, you may be able to see new things. Also, a little boldness will improve your luck during this month. Try setting higher goals than usual. By being proactive, you will get better results later on.

4th place: Pisces horoscope November

3rd place: Capricorn

In November, you will have the opportunity to make friends with people from various professions and with various values. Some of the people you meet this month may become your friends. However, there are hints that he is becoming too anxious and saying things that he doesn't need to say. You may unconsciously act bossy and end up hurting the other person's mood. When dealing with people, refrain from being assertive. Listen to the other person's situation and respond politely. You are also lucky to be prone to splurging, so please manage your money carefully.

3rd place: Capricorn horoscope

2nd place: Libra

In November, you are lucky to be able to spend a relaxing time. If you have been busy with work or private life, take this opportunity to rest your mind and body. If you have a hobby or something you've always wanted to do, we recommend trying it during this month. This month has a calm atmosphere, so you should be able to spend it at your own pace. However, it is also your luck that you end up spending too much money because you are careless. Make a plan, such as ``How much can I spend this month?'' before shopping.

2nd place: Libra's fortune

1st place: Scorpio

In November, you will be full of energy and will be able to tackle anything proactively. You will gain confidence, so no matter how big the wall is, you can boldly take on the challenge. If there's something you've been planning or interested in for a while, we recommend starting this month. Don't think too hard about it, just act with excitement. Also, rather than doing something with a large group of people, it seems that doing it alone can help things go more smoothly and without any conflicts.

1st place: Scorpio horoscope November

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