Blood type fortune telling/compatibility check

Blood type fortune telling/compatibility summary

Check your blood type compatibility with the person you are interested in! We analyzed the compatibility of all 10 combinations, such as type A × type A, type B × type O, etc.

A type x A type

Type A people tend to be serious and methodical. We both plan well and pay close attention to detail. They are also mutually cooperative and value cooperation with others, so they will be able to build good relationships by working together towards a common goal . We also recommend finding a common hobby and having fun together.

A type x B type

Type A people are systematic and serious, while type B people are free-spirited and sociable. Since they each have different characteristics, there is a possibility that they can grow while stimulating each other. You will be able to learn new perspectives and ideas from each other. However, you need to be careful about differences in communication styles and values. It is important to have a balance in communication and an attitude of understanding the other person.

A type x AB type

Type A people tend to be serious and responsible, while type AB people tend to be creative, open-minded, and insightful. The key to building a good relationship is to recognize each other's different ways of thinking and values, and to respect different approaches. By having open and healthy communication , you will be able to deepen your relationship smoothly.

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A type x O type

Type A's prefer detailed plans, while Type O's are flexible and proactive. By leveraging each other's strengths and working together, we can form a well-balanced team. However, sometimes mismatches in communication occur. Type A people are methodical and serious, while Type O people tend to be more flexible and sociable. Although you need to be careful about differences in communication styles and values , mutual respect and understanding will help you build a smooth relationship.

B type x B type

Type B people have a free-spirited and flexible personality, and are able to respond flexibly to unpredictable situations. Type B people will be able to enjoy a relationship while respecting each other's freedom. Share your feelings and thoughts openly and deepen your understanding of the other person. Type B people also tend to be creative and adventurous. By sharing new ideas and adventures , you will have an exciting relationship.

B type x AB type

Type B people tend to be free-spirited and creative, while type AB people are sensitive and have a good sense of balance. Sharing new ideas and perspectives with each other can create enrichment. Having a cooperative and flexible attitude towards the other person will lead to improved compatibility.

B type x O type

Type B people are creative, imaginative, and sometimes whimsical. On the other hand, type O people tend to be honest and realistic. Since you are both flexible, you will be able to build a good relationship by sharing a sense of adventure and having an easy-going attitude .

AB type x AB type

Type AB people tend to be sensitive and sensitive. Type AB blood types are an intelligent and creative combination. Because you are both sensitive to each other's feelings , you will be able to build a relationship of deep understanding. Finding common hobbies and interests and sharing intellectual stimulation can make you even more compatible.

AB type x O type

Type AB people tend to be sensitive and sensitive, while type O people tend to be more practical and gentle. Paying attention to differences in sensitivity and respecting each other's differences is important for building good relationships. Try to understand the other person and deepen your bond by communicating as openly as possible.

O type x O type

People with blood type O tend to have honest and straightforward personalities. Therefore, it is easy for people with blood type O to communicate with each other, and they are able to build honest relationships . In addition, a down-to-earth personality and strong sense of responsibility can be factors that increase trust in others. If you can find values ​​that you both share, your compatibility will be even better.

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There are individual differences in compatibility between people, and it is greatly influenced by not only blood type but also other factors. No matter what blood type combination you have, it is important to respect and understand each other in order to build a good relationship.

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