Nitori Deco Home “Circular Cushion Dahlia” New Color “Yellow”

Nitori Deco Home "Circular Cushion Dahlia" Yellow

Nitori will be selling a new color ``Yellow'' of Deco Home's popular product ``Circular Cushion Dahlia''. This product not only looks cute and gorgeous, but also has an attractive price of 1,990 yen (tax included).

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This circular cushion with a dahlia flower motif is a popular item that can add a cute touch to your room just by placing it on it. The size is 40cm in diameter and 15cm thick, giving it ample presence to decorate your room.

New color yellow

This time, a new yellow color that brightens up the atmosphere of your room is now available. Yellow is a recommended item for creating a warm and relaxing room. Available in 6 colors, you can choose your favorite color to match your interior image.

Nitori Deco Home “Circular Cushion Dahlia” New Color “Yellow”

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