BBYE's moisturizing care brand "Mama Butter" will release bath cosmetics "Mama Butter Bath Powder" on September 16th.

Moisturizing care with a comfortable bath time
Moisturizing care with a comfortable bath time

This product is a powdery bath cosmetic that protects the skin from dryness with the high-quality natural shea butter that is characteristic of the brand.

It also contains baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate), which is a hot spring ingredient, and the particles soften old keratin and bring out sebum and dirt on the pores, leading to smooth skin like when you enter a hot spring. It seems that it will give you.

There are two types of scents: fragrance-free, which can be safely used by people with sensitive skin and children, and "lavender & chamomile," which is said to have a relaxing and restful sleep effect.

The capacity and price are as follows (all tax excluded).

・ Mama butter bath powder 25g (0.88oz)
Unscented 220 yen Lavender & chamomile 230 yen

・ Mama butter bath powder 250g (8.82oz)
Fragrance-free 1,700 yen Lavender & chamomile 1,800 yen