It is said that there are two main types of bicycles. One is a normal type and the other is a recumbent type that sits on your back. But the California bicycle maker Bird of Prey Bicycles is about to add a third type to the world of bicycles. That is "Bird Of Prey".

"Bird Of Prey" is a type of bicycle that you can ride on your stomach. The saddle is wider than normal and supports the front of the waist rather than the buttocks. The steering wheel is divided into an operation part and an elbow support part, and by supporting the weight with the elbow support, it is easy to operate the brakes and the transmission.

But what's most interesting is the pedal position. It is installed behind the rear wheels. The structure overturns the common sense of cyclists that "the pedal is directly under the saddle and there is a sprocket behind it."

It is said that there are five advantages to using this shape. The first is that the aerodynamic characteristics are improved. According to the Bird of Prey Bicycles, about 80% of the cyclist's pedaling power is used to combat aerodynamic drag when riding at 35 km / h on a typical bike. But the Bird of Prey Bicycles claim that a prone "Bird Of Prey" can significantly reduce drag.

The second is that you can use the power of paddling with your feet to move forward 100%. On a regular bicycle, the cyclist's feet are also used to support weight. But in Bird Of Prey, your weight is supported by saddles and handles, so you can use your foot strength to move forward 100%.

The third point is that the center of gravity can be lowered. On a normal bicycle, the center of gravity is about 121 cm above the ground. However, in the case of "Bird Of Prey", the height of the center of gravity is about 76 cm. Since the center of gravity is low, it seems to be advantageous on curves.

The fourth is high safety. When you apply the panic brake on a normal bicycle, so-called jack knives tend to occur. In the worst case, the cyclist's body can fly over the steering wheel. However, in "Bird Of Prey", the center of gravity is low and it is behind, so it is difficult to get into a jackknife state.

The fifth merit is that it is fun to drive. As the name "Bird Of Prey" suggests, you can enjoy the feeling of a bird gliding, flying as a Superman. It is also fun to objectively look at the running figure.

Bird of Prey Bicycles is currently preparing an online shop. The price will be $ 8,500.