Chef Charger's "Bamboo Drink Coaster" is a coaster-type charger. You can charge your mobile device smartly even in places where there is no outlet.

"Bamboo Drink Coaster" is a coaster used by cafes and restaurants to serve drinks to customers. Enable the charging function of your smartphone at all tables.

If you do the same thing by taking power from an outlet, the store will be full of cables. However, with "Bamboo Drink Coaster", it can be realized neatly without cables.

Charging uses a system that "just puts" in a dedicated coaster folder. It has a large capacity regardless of appearance, and if it is fully charged, the iPhone can be charged twice.

It's a small coaster, so it's likely that some will steal. However, the "Bamboo Drink Coaster" is equipped with a GPS tracking function, so even if it is stolen, the location can be known. In addition, since a dedicated charger is required for charging, the possibility of being stolen is low.

"Bamboo Drink Coaster" brings benefits to both the store and the customer. The store can expect an increase in the number of customers by attracting users who want to charge their smartphones. Also, since customers who want to charge for a long time may order coffee or beer replacements, we can expect a slight increase in the average customer price. The user side has the advantage of being able to charge while drinking a cup of coffee or beer.

It can be purchased from the Chef Charger website. The price is 60 dollars (about 6,880 yen) for one "Bamboo Drink Coaster", which is quite high for a coaster. It may be a delicate point whether you can purchase at this price and expect the effect of attracting customers commensurate with it. However, as a customer, I would be happy if a "Bamboo Drink Coaster" was installed in a restaurant or cafe, and I think it would be helpful.