Sailor Moon collaboration socks
It's cute!

Bandai's official shopping site "Premium Bandai" has started accepting reservations for socks based on the costume of the anime "Sailor Moon". Collaboration product with footwear brand "ERIMAKI SOX".

Sailor Moon collaboration socks
Transform from your feet ♪

This product is based on white short length socks, with a sailor collar and ribbon on the chest. The attached ribbon is removable, and it goes well with feminine shoes such as heels as well as sneakers.

Sailor Moon collaboration socks
Behind is also perfect Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon socks
For everyday use if you remove the ribbon

There are 5 types of lineup, which are based on the image of 5 sailor warriors. The size is 23.0 to 25.0 cm. The price is 6,264 yen per pair (tax included, shipping and handling not included). Reservations are accepted until 23:00 on June 16th and will be shipped in September.