Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter" "Garlic Press"
Garlic goods that you want to use every day

Garlic is in season from now to summer. It stimulates your appetite and gives you stamina, so it appears frequently at my home.

However, if you cut or grate the garlic, you will get a scent on your hands and it will be difficult to remove it. Doesn't it bother you if you drift around while you're making up?

Cutting garlic makes my hands smell
Good when I'm hungry ... (?)

This time, we will introduce two types of kitchen items from Kokubo Kogyosho that will solve such problems. If you bring men to barbecue or camping, there is no doubt that girls will be happy !?

Garlic press that scoops up beautifully

First of all, "garlic press" that squeezes and crushes garlic. You can often see such equipment in ramen shops these days.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Press"
"Garlic press" which is heavy with 320g (11.29oz)

To use it, just put the garlic between the levers and hold the lever tightly. Garlic pops out from between the fine eyes.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Press"
Open the lever and put the garlic on it

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Press"
Squeeze tightly!

A wiper is attached to the tip so that the extruded garlic can be scooped up cleanly. In the case of the author, both hands were required to squeeze to the end, so it may be a little painful for those with weak power.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Press"
Can be scooped out exactly

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Press"
A thin skin remains between the levers (of course, it smells when touched)

Bass and pleasure garlic cutter

Next is the "garlic cutter" that can cut various garlic. Here, put the peeled garlic on the cutter blade and press the lid to close it. It's not as strong as a garlic press, but it's quite powerful, so place it in a stable place and push it from directly above.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
Space-saving palm size

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
Put the peeled garlic on it and close the lid.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
/ Basuntsu \

The cut garlic collects in the tray with a "buzzing" sound. All you have to do is pull out the tray and use it for cooking.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
It's a little rough, but it's okay ...

There is a slicing cutter on the bottom of the main body, which can be replaced. Both are coarser (thicker) than kitchen knives, but I wonder if there is any problem with daily cooking.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
Also for slicing

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
Pay attention to the orientation of the garlic

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
About 3mm thick

The blade is safe to touch, and the fact that all parts can be washed is also a high point. By the way, you can grate it at the bottom of the case, so this one is quite versatile.

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
Can be grated on the back of the case (use your hands ...)

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
Because this part can be removed

Kokubo Kogyosho "Garlic Cutter"
Easy to clean!

Recipe to enjoy garlic simply

After preparing the garlic, enjoy the garlic dish. The recipe is also posted on the official website of Kokubo Kogyosho, and among them, "Tomato Cheese Ajillo " is easy but excellent!

Tomato cheese ajillo
The thick tomatoes soaked in olive oil are the best

This is garlic, chopped bacon, fried macaroni with olive oil, and seasoned with mayonnaise and fresh cream. It's simple but addictive.

Macaroni bacon
Macaroni bacon taught by an acquaintance

The reference price for the garlic press is 2,400 yen, and the garlic cutter is 1,800 yen (both tax excluded). If you use garlic a lot, or if you really don't want to use your hands, it's a good idea to have it!