Electric toothbrush "Glare Smile" that can brush your teeth in 10 seconds

"Glare Smile" is an electric toothbrush that brushes your teeth in 10 seconds. Three brushes make this fast brushing possible.

It was developed by Glare Smile based in Milan, Italy. Aldo Dominici, a dentist who leads the team, says modern people spend about two minutes on toothpaste three times a day.

People spend three hours a month brushing their teeth (image)
People spend 3 hours a month on toothpaste! Moreover, it's not fun!

It's only 6 minutes a day, but 180 minutes (3 hours) a month! And these three hours are by no means a fun time. If we could reduce the toothpaste time to zero, we would have more free time of 3 hours per month, and we should be able to have even more fun. For example, listening to music, having a party, backflip (?), And having a party again ... Dominici developed "Glare Smile" from such a thought.

Image image of enjoying music in toothpaste time
An example of what you can do with 3 hours more free time: listening to music

Image image of enjoying a party in toothpaste time
Example of what you can do with 3 hours more free time: Have a party

Image image to enjoy backflip in toothpaste time
Example of what you can do by increasing your free time by 3 hours: Backflip (... 3 hours ??)

Image image of enjoying the second party in toothpaste time
An example of what you can do with 3 hours more free time: Have a party again!

The biggest feature of "Glare Smile" is that it has 3 brushes. Each brush brushes the front, back, and top of the teeth at the same time, brushing three times more efficiently than hand brushing.

"Glare Smile" Features: Comes with 3 brushes
While "Glare Smile" can brush three sides of teeth at the same time (left image), conventional toothbrushes can brush only one side.

The on-board motor brushes your teeth four times faster than hand brushing. Combined with 3 brushes, we have achieved toothpaste in 5 seconds for the upper teeth and 5 seconds for the lower teeth, for a total of 10 seconds. It's a big step forward, even if it didn't reach zero seconds, right?

The secret that "Glare Smile" can brush your teeth in 10 seconds
It takes 5 seconds to brush your upper teeth! Brush all teeth in 10 seconds in total up and down

"Glare Smile" is equipped with other functions that are nice for users. One of them is UV light. At the same time as turning off the switch of the electric brush, UV is irradiated and the brush is sterilized. You can keep your toothbrush clean at all times.

Automatic disinfection with UV light after using "Glare Smile"
Other useful functions # 1: Sterilization of brushes with UV light

The main body has a 1.77 inch size display. It will inform you when to replace the brush part.

"Glare Smile" display
Other useful functions # 2: 1.77-inch size display

GlareSmile is currently conducting a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site kickstarter for the commercialization of "GlareSmile". At the time of this writing, you can get one "Glare Smile" with a contribution of 99 euros. The amount required to obtain it will increase as the campaign progresses, and the retail price after the end will be 149 euros. Shipment is expected to be in December 2016.

"Glare Smile" body