Ajigen "Setouchi Lemon Somen"
How many do you know

The "Setouchi Lemon" flavor often seen in snacks and sweets over the last few years. I think there are many people who care about it when they see it and buy it.

The author is one of those Setouchi remorers, but the reason I got hooked was the food "Squid Amase Touchi Lemon Flavor". It has been featured in various media and has become so famous, but this is really too delicious .

Maruka Shokuhin "Squid Amase Touchi Lemon Flavor"
This is it!

The beauty of this product is that the rich squid heaven is defeated by the sourness of the lemon. It seems that I can eat it forever, so I am self-regulating it. If you don't know , buy it before reading this article!

This time, in order to find a Setouchi lemon food that exceeds this product, I have visited various stores and collected interesting foods, so I will introduce it. By the way, "lemon degree" is an evaluation based on squid heaven, but you don't have to worry too much.

"Chi Kama Lemon Flavor"

Maruzen "Chi Kama Lemon Flavor"
Maruzen "Chi Kama Lemon Flavor"

Kamaboko with cheese using lemon juice from Setouchi. A hint of lemon is added to the usual crispy chi-kama, and the rich cheese goes well with it. This and squid heaven are likely to be the strongest snack combination in summer.

Lemon degree (5 levels): ★★★

"Setouchi Lemon Karintou"

Moheji "Setouchi Lemon Karintou"
Moheji "Setouchi Lemon Karintou"

While many of the Setouchi lemon flavors are Western confectionery, I dared to pay attention to Karinto. When you bite it crispy, you will first feel the sweet and sour taste of lemon and sugar, and when you chew it, it will be wrapped in the aroma of karinto and melt. One is thin and the sweetness is modest, so it's a dangerous guy who can't stop.

Lemon degree: ★★★★

"Dorayaki with Setouchi Lemon"

Meihou "Setouchi Lemon Dorayaki"
Meihou "Dorayaki with Setouchi Lemon"

That's why I have another Japanese sweet. When you open it, the scent of lemon rises softly and you can feel very refreshed. I don't feel the lemon so much in the taste, but please enjoy it with milk!

Lemon degree: ★★

"Setouchi Lemon Somen"

Ajigen "Setouchi Lemon Somen"
Ajigen "Setouchi Lemon Somen"

The last is this jewel, Somen that Setouchi lemon powder is kneaded into noodles. The bright yellow color is beautiful, and the boiled rice is like ramen.

Ajigen "Setouchi Lemon Somen"
The appearance is also novel

The noodles have a faint acidity and a refreshing aroma, and are delicious enough to be eaten as they are. It goes well with the sweetness of somentsuyu. Since the flavor is delicate, you may lose depending on the condiments, but you can still enjoy somen that is different from usual. It can be used as a projectile for homes where somen complains when somen continues.

Lemon degree: ★★

Overall, the lemon flavor was modest, so there wasn't anything that was as shocking as squid heaven, but all of them are perfect for summer. If you are interested, please pick it up. I would like to continue to actively develop it (I personally want more lemons to work ...!).

Setouchi lemon snacks

* Products can be purchased from KALDI, The Garden Jiyugaoka, Don Quijote, etc. Please note that inventory varies depending on the store.