Introducing a cat illustration Irihanko case in the "Pushing Cat" series

A stamp case is now available in the "Pushing Cat" series. Like the "pushing cat", an illustration of a cute cat is engraved.

"Pushing cat" is a stamp with your name and an illustration of a cat engraved on the stamp. By pressing it, you can appeal to the people around you that you like cats.

Seal version "Pushing cat" reference image
Example of using "pushing cat" Mr. "Uemura" in charge probably likes cats

The stamp case to be released this time is a new product in the "Pushing Cat" series. In addition to the cat's illustration and your name, you can put your favorite mark. Three types of "single lid seal case", "pocket seal case" and "cap seal" were prepared.

Mechanism of stamp case for "Pushing cat" series

The "single lid seal case" has a traditional design that is perfect for home use. You can choose from two types of materials, oak and walnut. Since it can store two seals, it is possible to store the seal and the bank seal together.

"Pushing cat" series stamp case "single lid seal case"
"One-sheet lid seal case" is traditional

The "pocket seal case" is a carrying case. Convenient for carrying your stamp in your pocket or bag, such as when opening a bank account. One seal can be stored.

"Pushing cat" series stamp case "pocket seal case"
The "pocket seal case" is a carrying case with a cat in it.

"Cap seal" is a stand type that is perfect for office use. If you put it on your desk, you can respond quickly to office work. There are two holes, and a large 18 mm stamp and a small 15 mm stamp can be inserted.

"Pushing cat" series stamp case "pocket seal case"
"Cap seal" is a stand type desk that is perfect for office use, and more cats!

You can choose from 18 types of illustrations. You can also put a mark next to the name, but you can choose from 20 types.

"Pushing cat" series stamp case, illustration
The 16th milk drinking cat is cute

"Pushing cat" series stamp case, mark example
This is ... maybe you don't need it?

You can buy it at Rakuten's "Laughing Hall" shop. The price is 3,564 yen for the "single lid seal case", 2,376 yen for the "pocket seal case", and 2,916 yen for the "cap seal" (all prices include consumption tax).