Gratin toast
Toast with frozen gratin on top of Dawn.
Material ( 1 serving )
6 slices of bread 1 sheet
Frozen gratin 1/2 to 2/3 pieces
Gratin toast

Suddenly, how do you eat bread at home? Simply apply butter or jam? Or a sandwich with vegetables and ham?

The author is by far the "toast school". I like the fact that it's easy to make and it's a gorgeous dish with plenty of ingredients. We will regularly introduce the fascinating toast recipes that the author found or devised on this site. The first memorable event is "Gratin Toast" with gratin on top.

Ingredients: Bread (1 slice of 6 slices) / Frozen gratin (1 / 2-2 / 3 slices)

Gratin toast
Two materials

How to make:
1. Warm the frozen gratin in the microwave for the specified time.
2. Spread evenly on bread.

Gratin toast
Spread to the edge

3. Bake in an oven toaster until browned.
4. It's done! (I added broccoli to the decoration)

Gratin toast

Gratin toast
Plenty of carbohydrates, forbidden taste

It's as easy as putting gratin on it, but it's quite complete. The fragrant toast, rich white sauce, and macaroni with a gentle texture are a perfect match, and the deliciousness that you can eat crisply is organized. Be careful not to eat too much because of the high calories, but why not try it on a holiday brunch?

Next time, I will introduce a recipe that uses plenty of tartar sauce. Please stay tuned!