Nichiban "Tape glue tenori recommended"
Easy to print

From Nichiban's tape glue "tenori" series, the stamp type "tape glue tenori recommended" will be released on September 16th. The suggested retail price is 270 yen (excluding tax).

This product is a tape glue that can be glued just by pressing it like a stamp. The size of the glue is 6 mm square, and it seems to be easy to use for small things such as prints, memos, stamps, receipts. It uses a strong adhesive glue and can be firmly attached by simply pressing it into the four corners.

The size is W22 x D22 x H64 mm, which is easy to put in a pen case. Comes with a guide and cap that can be pushed to the target position. It can be used up to about 500 times.

Nichiban "Tape glue tenori recommended"
Six body colors are available: red, green, blue and a limited number of cherries, lemons, and aqua.