Tartar toast

This series introduces simple and delicious toast recipes. Today, the second time, I will make the "tartar toast" I found on the Kewpie recipe page. The "ingredient" to put on is a bold dish with only tartar sauce.

Ingredients: Bread (1 slice of 6 slices) / Tartar sauce (appropriate amount)

Tartar toast
Two materials

How to make:
1. Apply tartar sauce to the bread.

Tartar toast
You can choose the thickness of the sauce

2. Bake in an oven toaster until slightly browned.
3. It's done.

Tartar toast
Golden color like grilled pudding!

The "sea" of tartar sauce that spreads all over. If you grab it while pounding ... Yeah, it's very oily, but it's pretty cool! The melted sauce and the moist bread that absorbed the water matched perfectly, and the taste was junk but somehow elegant. The crushed texture of the vegetables mixed in the sauce is also a good accent.

Tartar toast
The oil is shining ~

By the way, I was worried about stomach upset, so I ate half (1/2) and gave the other half to my family. It's quite satisfying to eat, so it might be a good idea to cut it into small pieces and use it as a snack for children or as a snack for a home party.

Next time, I will introduce a recipe that uses plenty of "milk cocoa". Please stay tuned!

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