King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Do you need Pomera more than a tablet?

When I was a kid, I had a Toshiba word processor at home. However, as soon as I bought a computer, I was dismissed from the role, and the world was also declining.

King Jim's digital memo "Pomera" series inherits the identity of such a word processor. As a tool specializing in "text input", it is deeply popular with reporters, bloggers, novelists, and so on.

The latest model of Pomera, DM200, will be released on October 21st. According to the company, it has evolved into a "strongest text input-only machine" by improving the conversion function, installing the first wireless LAN, and changing from a dry battery to a lithium-ion battery.

I also feel that it is a very good product due to its professional nature, but the image is accepted only by core fans. Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce mainly the merits of using it by modern people.

I can concentrate anyway

King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Start as soon as you open the screen

Even if I try to write a sentence on a personal computer, I sometimes get anxious about email and Facebook as soon as I start it, and it is difficult to start the main subject. However, Pomera has no extra information, so he can concentrate on writing his thoughts.

Convert the latest words smartly

This model is newly equipped with the Japanese input engine "ATOK for pomera [professional]" optimized for Pomera. It can convert long sentences, tourist spots, and proper nouns of anime and entertainment in one shot, and it also grasps the user's habits and prevents mistakes.

For example, this year's blockbuster anime "Osomatsu-san" hasn't been converted on my PC yet, and I'm just getting frustrated. However, this product is one shot.

King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Strong in fashion!

Backup via the net

In addition, by installing wireless LAN for the first time in the series, it has become easier to upload files directly to Evernote and mail servers and utilize the data. It can also be output from a network compatible printer.

King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Upload files using your Gmail account (you can't receive emails)

King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Can be output from a compatible printer

In addition, it also has a "Pomera Sync" function that allows you to edit in both directions by synchronizing with the memo app that comes standard with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It can also be used as an external Bluetooth keyboard, so it can be widely used with your own devices.

You can afford even at the Starbucks counter

King Jim "Pomera DM200"
I've never seen it in Starbucks before ...

The sight of using a MacBook at Starbucks is no longer uncommon, but it's a bit narrow at the counter. But with pocket-sized Pomera, you can have plenty of drinks. It's stable even on your lap, so it's convenient for ideas on the move and work that you want to finish in a hurry.

King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Stable on your lap

Make friends with digital lovers

Whether you know it or not, if you like digital things, you can't help but talk to Pomera. If you take notes with this during the meeting, you may get to know your boss.

In addition, the basic specifications of DM200 are as follows.

・ Body size W263 x D120 x H18mm, weight about 580g (20.46oz)
・ 7-inch wide TFT LCD with backlight
King Jim "Pomera DM200"
The screen is greatly expanded compared to the conventional product (DM100)

・ Key pitch 17mm keyboard
King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Just right without being cramped

・ Maximum opening / closing angle 160 degrees
King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Easy to see screen even when working on your lap

・ Equipped with lithium-ion battery, continuous use time 18 hours
King Jim "Pomera DM200"
Can also be charged from a mobile battery

By the way, the price you care about is 49,800 yen (excluding tax). If you think you can buy a Windows tablet, that's fine. If you are interested, welcome to the world of Pomera.