Cutlery "Singular" with book holder

"Singular" is a cutlery with a book holder. We support people who eat rice alone. Invented by Andrew Loh, an industrial designer living in Singapore.

When eating alone, many people hold chopsticks and forks in their right hand and a book in their left hand while reading it. But this is a bit of a problem when I don't have a table. If you put the dishes on your lap, the food may spill, and if you put the book on your lap, the pages will not turn.

"Singular" is the perfect cutlery for such occasions. Since you can hold tableware and books with one hand, you can eat while reading.

Cutlery "Singular" with book holder
"Singular" that allows you to hold tableware and books with one hand. A must-have item for living alone?

You may also have a meal served on two dishes in a place without a table. It may be difficult for people living with their families to understand, but when living alone, they tend to eat while sitting on the sofa, or for some reason, while standing in the kitchen.

A cutlery that can hold two types of tableware, large and small, is perfect for such occasions. This was also devised by Mr. Loh. It doesn't have a book holder, so you can't read a book. However, the design reminiscent of the Enterprise issue is wonderful.

Cutlery "Singular" with book holder
If you live alone, there are cases where there is no table in the room in the first place, right?

There seems to be no plans to sell "Singular" in particular. Those who thought, "I wanted it, but I was disappointed." Never give up. "Singular" is made by bending a single wire. You can make it yourself by purchasing a wire of appropriate thickness at a home improvement store and bending it to resemble the following picture.

Cutlery "Singular" with book holder
The point is to make a hole to put your thumb in. This will make the tableware much more stable.

If you want "Singular", you probably live alone. You should have plenty of time to go buy wires, bend them and make your own ... right?

By the way, you can put various dishes on "Singular", but you may want to avoid curry udon. The book will be full of yellow stains.

Cutlery "Singular" with book holder
Reference image: Curry udon, Indians are also surprised!

In such a case, it may be better to put a smartphone or tablet instead of a book. However, when wearing a white shirt, curry udon is NG regardless of what you put in "Singular".