PLAZA "6.5 inch skillet"

The popular comic "Peanuts" collaborates with wool brands such as "Pendleton". Limited-edition blankets and bottles will be on sale from the end of October at "PLAZA" and "MINiPLA" stores nationwide.

This time, Peanuts collaborated with three brands: "Pendleton," "Clean Canteen," which develops stainless steel bottles, and "Lodge," a cast iron maker. All brands are from the United States, and it is the first time in the world to collaborate with peanuts.

Limited peanut goods released at PLAZA
Partnership with 3 brands from the United States

The items for sale are as follows (all listed prices do not include tax). The products we handle vary depending on the store.

■ Collaboration product with "Pendleton"
Mini size blanket 11,000 yen Mini size cushion 11,000 yen * Online store limited mug (made in Japan) 2,700 yen

A design that combines the popular pattern Mountain Majesty with illustrations of peanut friends. The approximate size is 56 x 81 cm for the mini size blanket, 40 x 40 cm for the mini size cushion, and 8.5 x 7 cm for the mug.

PLAZA "mini size blanket"

Collaboration product with "Clean Canteen"
Insulate bottle 4,000 yen each Insulate tumbler 2,700 yen each

A unisex design with peanut friends drawn on it. The capacity is 355 ml for the insulate bottle and 237 ml for the insulate tumbler.

PLAZA "Insulate Bottle"

Collaboration products with "Lodge"
6.5 inch skillet 3,000 yen

A design with a Snoopy engraving on the back to bake panques. The size is 15.5 cm in diameter.

PLAZA "6.5 inch skillet"

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