"Small gift of loft" corner
Yellow and black black cat goods are now available!

A "small gift of loft" corner that collaborated with Yamato Transport has appeared at each loft store. For a limited time from November 14th to December 31st, Kuroneko collaboration goods and Takkyubin Compact exclusive BOX will be on sale.

The collaboration goods include 38 types of miscellaneous goods such as stationery and interior goods designed with black cats. There are items that make you laugh, such as the instant camera "Kuroneko Sharundesu" and the rice milling pack "Nekomanma".

Loft black cat goods
Rice is "Nekomanma"

In addition, it seems that miscellaneous goods purchased at the loft can be packed in a special BOX for TA-Q-BIN Compact and shipped from the store as an original gift. The box is 108 yen, and the shipping fee is 432 yen nationwide. * All listed prices include tax

"Small gift of loft" corner
Delivered at a flat rate nationwide