Vintage Confections "Planet Candy"
What happens when you lick it?

"Space candy" by the American handmade art lollipop brand "Vintage Confections". The beauty of lollipops that trapped planets and galaxies has become a hot topic all over the world.

The space candy finally landed in Japan. I was curious about the actual impression and taste, so I got it immediately.

Vintage Confections "Planet Candy"
This is a rumor ...

What kind of flavor do you have?

"Planet Candy", which is a design of the planets of the solar system, is on sale from November. The lineup is as follows.

Vintage Confections "Planet Candy"
The price is 490 yen per bottle (excluding tax)

EARTH Cotton candy flavor
SATURN Guava flavor
JUPITER (Jupiter) Key lime flavor
MARS (Mars) pear flavor
MERCURY (Mercury) Tropical punch flavor
VENUS (Venus) Cherry flavor
SUN (sun) marshmallow flavor
URANUS (Uranus) Black Berry flavor

* Scheduled to be released in December
NEPTUNE (Neptune) Mango flavor
PLUTO (Pluto) Strawberry / Kiwi flavor

Half of the candy balls are black, and the planets floating in space are realistically reproduced.

Vintage Confections "Planet Candy"
After all the earth was blue

Vintage Confections "Planet Candy"
Popular Saturn

I tried to eat the cotton candy-flavored earth, but it certainly tastes like sweet cotton candy. As it is a specialty store, you can enjoy it as a candy. The more you lick it, the more the surface glows and the earth gets smaller, so you can enjoy the planet for a long time.

Vintage Confections "Planet Candy"
It's getting smaller and smaller ...

By the way, if you actually lick it, you can see how it is made, but since it's a big deal, please enjoy it only for those who ate it.

Where can I buy it?

The products are on sale at the Conran Shop, Rankin Rankin, from early November. If you don't have a store nearby, you can also buy it at "Village Vanguard Online" (currently pre-ordered).

From December, it will be available at online stores such as "Ange web shop", Loft, Tokyu Hands (after January), and Tomorrowland. In addition, "Galaxy Candy", which is the image of a galaxy, will be added, and there is no doubt that it will be a battle before Christmas! How about a romantic gift?

Vintage Confections "Planet Candy"
Galaxy is also wonderful!