Gakken Plus "Beauty Power"

Gakken Plus has released a book, "Beauty Power," which summarizes how to "become a beautiful person." The new book, 216 pages of text, is priced at 900 yen (excluding tax).

Written by Akihiro Nakatani, a best-selling author who has written many books on romance and relationships. The know-how to "become a" real beauty "that shines from the contents," such as how to speak and how to stand, is summarized. People tend to give up on their appearance as if they were born, but according to Mr. Nakatani, "beautiful women gradually become beautiful."

The following is an example of behavior and intentions to "look beautiful". Some of them are immediately convincing, while others are surprisingly "Is that so?"

"Beauty is staring at the other person after handing over the thing!"
"Beauty is lip-synching"
"Beauty sits down and puts down her luggage!"
"Beauty is holding the" button "on the jacket."
"Beauty has a different way of dealing with" current people "!!"
"Beauty says" I'm happy "instead of" Wow "!"

It's a time when there are more opportunities to go out fashionably, such as Christmas parties and year-end parties. If you have someone you are interested in, why not prepare with this know-how book?