FULLERY BOTANICAL fabric softener
Natural and human-friendly fabric softener

The new brand "FULLERY BOTANICAL" debuts with the concept of "scents" wash "the heart and color the scene." A fabric softener composed of 90% or more of naturally derived ingredients will be released.

It contains palm-derived antibacterial ingredients as antibacterial and deodorant ingredients, and is characterized by suppressing the growth of germs that cause unpleasant odors when dried in the room. It also contains dust and pollen adsorption prevention ingredients.

There are two types of scents created by French and Swiss perfumers. Sweet and gorgeous "Rose & Apple" and fruity and refreshing "Herbs & Geranium" are available.

FULLERY BOTANICAL fabric softener
Two types of nature-themed scents

The price is 600 ml and 900 yen each (excluding tax). Reservations will be accepted from March 1st, and pre-sale on the official website and variety shops will be on March 21st. Scheduled to be sold at some drug stores from April 20th.