L'Occitane "Okide" series

From L'Occitane, the "Okide" series with the scent of white orkide will be released on April 12th. The lineup includes eau de toilette and hand cream.

White orchid is a flower that has the flower word "happiness flies" from its appearance reminiscent of butterflies. The "Okide" series to be released this time is said to have a silky floral scent with a feminine and graceful scent of white orchid and a refreshing neroli and orange blossom.

The lineup consists of the following 4 products. Price does not include tax.

■ Orchide Premium Eau de Toilette
75ml (2.54us fl oz) 6,800 yen

L'Occitane Orchide Premium Eau de Toilette

■ Orchide Perfume Shower Gel
245ml (8.28us fl oz) 3,000 yen

L'Occitane Orchide Perfume Shower Gel

■ Orchid de Perfume Moist Milk
245ml (8.28us fl oz) 3,800 yen

L'Occitane Orchid Perfume Moist Milk

■ Orchide Premium Hand Cream
30ml (1.01us fl oz) 1,500 yen

Orchid Premium Hand Cream