Hundred yen store & MUJI travel goods
By all means in the gap of luggage ♪

Adults and children are about to have a summer vacation. If you are planning a trip both domestically and internationally, the preparation stage is exciting and fun, isn't it?

Therefore, this time, in addition to the basic travel goods, we will introduce convenient items that "make your trip more comfortable". All of them fit in the gaps in your luggage, so be sure to add them when you go shopping at 100-yen or MUJI!

1. MUJI "Toothpaste Sheet" 300 yen

MUJI "Toothpaste Sheet"
Toothpaste everywhere

In-flight meals are served on long flights, but even if you want to brush your teeth, the toothbrush is a suitcase.

MUJI's "Toothpaste Sheet" is convenient at such times. It wipes away dirt from your teeth and mouth and does not require rinsing with water. It doesn't reach as fine a place as a toothbrush, but it's slippery.

MUJI "Toothpaste Sheet"
Wrap it around your finger and use it

2.Hundred yen store "mouthwash" 108 yen each

Kuchuppe "Mouthwash"
Mouthwash divided into single doses

A single-use mouthwash that is also convenient for oral care while traveling. It is a brand called "Kuchuppe" sold in Can Do, etc., and there are potions and stick types.

Although it is said that it contains lactic acid bacteria, the feeling of use is the same as general mouthwash. Since this is a liquid, it must be stored in a zippered bag for international flights.

Kuchuppe "Mouthwash"

3.Hundred yen store "contact case with drying stand" 108 yen

Contact case with drying stand
Contact case with tricks

The "contact case with drying stand" is useful in hotels that require a lot of travel and cleaning. The washed case can be turned over on a special stand to dry and can be used hygienically. It's usually useful.

Contact case with drying stand
Let it dry quickly

Contact case with drying stand
Set on the stand when carrying

4. Daiso "Massage Oil"

Daiso "Massage Oil"
It looks fashionable

Walk around sightseeing spots and take care of your tired feet and body on the same day. The massage oils you can buy at Daiso are designed like overseas products and have a wide variety of scents. Contains jojoba oil, argan oil, and baobab oil, and can be used on the body and hair. Made in Japan, 40ml (1.35us fl oz) included.

Daiso "Massage Oil"
Smooth usability

5. MUJI "Accessory Case" 550 yen

MUJI "Accessory Case"
Securely protect your important accessories

For those who want to enjoy fashion while traveling and do not want to lose important accessories. MUJI's "accessory case" is cushioned for good protection.

The inside pocket has a zipper that can be closed tightly. The pocket on one side is divided into two rooms, so you don't have to worry about getting entangled. There is also a large size.

MUJI "Accessory Case"
Essential for the author who just puts it in a wallet

6.Hundred yen store "camera lens for smartphones"

Hundred yen store "camera lens for smartphone"
Remember the different photos ♪

The last is a camera lens for smartphones that you can enjoy taking pictures that are indispensable when traveling. At CAN DO, "fisheye lenses" that allow you to take dynamic landscapes and interesting close-ups, and "wide-angle & macro lenses" that allow you to take wide-angle shots in places where you cannot use a selfie stick were on sale.

Hundred yen store "fisheye lens with smartphone"
With cap and special bag

Anyone can easily attach them because they are simply clipped to your smartphone. If you zoom in a little, you can reduce "vignetting" (reflection like shadows around you).

Hundred yen store "camera lens for smartphone"
Just pinch it to match the camera lens

Hundred yen store "camera lens for smartphone"
Image of using a fisheye lens (normally on the left, when using on the right)

Hundred yen store "camera lens for smartphone"
Not everyone can fit in! Even when

Hundred yen store "camera lens for smartphone"
Solved with a wide-angle lens

Did you find an item that suits your travel style? Please be careful of injuries and illnesses and have fun! * All listed prices include tax