FamilyMart Juice
FamilyMart's juice bar is amazing

I often stop by FamilyMart to buy drinks and breakfast before going to work. Did you know that there is so much juice these days that you might think, "Is this a juice bar?" It's perfect for summer when you don't have an appetite, so here are some recommendations!

The "Shine & Shine" series in a particularly stylish bottle is a beverage with straight fruit juice that is very popular in Hong Kong. You can enjoy the taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables without using additives such as sugar, coloring agents and spices.

FamilyMart juice "shine & shine"
Landed in Japan in 2015

This is the new flavor "Apple Dragon Fruit" released on July 25th. A blend of 4 types of juice such as dragon fruit (pitaya) and apples and strawberries, it is moderately sweet and easy to drink!

FamilyMart juice "shine & shine"
Easy to drink pale dragon fruit with apples and strawberries

The price is 398 yen (tax included, same below) with 350 ml. It's a price that you can't think of as a convenience store, but you can be satisfied with this quantity and quality.

Another must-have is FamilyMart's original "Squeeze Squeeze" series. This chilled juice drink released this spring also does not use flavors or sugar. It contains plenty of flesh and you can enjoy a fruity feeling that exceeds 100% juice. 230 ml each, 228 yen.

FamilyMart Juice "Squeeze Squeeze"
"Squeeze Squeeze" that appeared this year

Among the various flavors, my favorite is grapefruit with 100% fruit. The refreshing acidity and bitterness of white grapefruit, and the throat of bubble wrap flesh with plenty of it are irresistible.

FamilyMart Juice "Squeeze Squeeze"
I really like this

In June, 88% fruit juice "Kiwi" will be released. The sweet and sour taste of the thick green kiwifruit puree spreads throughout your mouth, and your eyes wake up crisply.

FamilyMart Juice "Squeeze Squeeze"
Grape is included and the acidity is mellow

Both come with a PET bottle container and cap, so it's nice to be able to store them even if you can't drink them all at once. Why don't you have a drink in the morning when it's hot and you can't get motivated?