Eatable size spam single
Is this just right?

Personally, spam that is in the top 3 of "things that you want to eat asexually" (the rest are Sapporo Ichiban Shio and 551 Horai pork buns). However, it was difficult to use up a normal 340g (11.99oz) can at once, and even if I bought it, I was worried that I couldn't open it.

340g canned spam
In the old part-time job, one can was 6 servings

I found a product at KALDI Coffee Farm that can easily satisfy such spam desire. Introducing a "spam single" (20% reduced salt) that is the size of a serving.

Eatable size spam single
There was such a thing!

This is a retort pouch food packed with about 70g (2.47oz) of sliced spam. The amount is suitable for 2 spam rice balls and 1 bitter gourd champuru, so you can use it easily at once.

Eatable size spam single
Sliced and easy to process

Eatable size spam single
About 2 spam rice balls (with browned spam, perilla, and mayonnaise on rice)

The price you are interested in is 213 yen (tax included). Actually, it is considerably more expensive than canned food, but it has a long shelf life and is easy to use, so it is sure to come in handy. Why don't you always have it like ham or bacon?