Meidi-ya "delicious canned food" arrangement
I made all this in canned food!

If you open the can, you will find a bar ... Meidi-ya's "delicious canned food" where you can enjoy the whole can from ingredients to sauce. The author also always stocks it as an emergency food (although I will eat it soon ...).

Nine new products have been added to the delicious canned series. It has been on sale since the end of August.

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food"
A lineup that looks delicious again

The products added this time are as follows.

・ Roasted domestic chicken salted koji (orange flavor)
・ Spicy sesame sauce flavor of domestic steamed chicken ・ Japanese style onion sauce flavor of boiled pork ・ Sweet and spicy flavor of domestic grilled small sardines and flavored vegetables ・ Garlic olive oil pickled with honmaguro hormone (Western style ajillo)
・ Steamed white wine of Hokkaido mashed shellfish (lemon flavor)
・ Top shell seafood cream sauce flavor (Van Blanc sauce)
・ Domestic scallops and water-cooked olive oil pickles (Western-style tomato ajillo)
・ Beef tripper and olive stewed in tomato

How about? It's like looking at a fashionable shop menu, right? One can costs 400-500 yen, so if you buy this and beer and go home, you can have a luxurious evening drink for less than 1,000 yen. Drinking at home!

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food"
Amount that is easy for one or two people to eat

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food"
The package also has sake that goes well with it.

Add a little ingredients to make a luxurious plate

Of course, you can eat it as it is, but if you refer to the recipe on the Meidi-ya site , you can make a full-fledged side dish or staple food by adding a little ingredients. You don't need to season it, so you won't fail. Recommended for busy times and parties!

I made it with 3 products this time, but in about 15 minutes it became a gorgeous dining table like a restaurant. If you keep silent, your family will probably not notice that it is canned (I found it in the trash can).

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food"
I used 3 types from the new product

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food" arrangement
For a refreshing canned citrus flavor, add a little sweet potato and Greek yogurt.

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food" arrangement
For a creamy salad with cinnamon scent

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food" arrangement
Add scrambled eggs to the tripper to increase volume

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food" arrangement
Butter-baked bread with mussels

Meidi-ya "delicious canned food" arrangement
The crunchy whelk and the bread soaked in umami are excellent!

Delicious canned foods that have now expanded to a total of 52 types of lineup, including new products. If you want a different taste than usual, please rely on it. I will continue to open the cans today with the aim of conquering all!