S & B "Sava can and olive oil pasta sauce"
Arrange mackerel cans into pasta ♪

A collaboration between S & B Foods and the Western-style mackerel can "Sava Can" produced in Iwate Prefecture. Two types of pasta sauce will be released on March 4th. Each one serving, the suggested retail price is 275 yen (excluding tax).

"Sava cans" made from domestic mackerel are canned foods with unprecedented flavors such as "olive oil" and "lemon basil". Women mainly support the fashionable packaging and the deliciousness that matches Western dishes.

Iwate Prefecture Co., Ltd. "Sava Can"
Impressive package with "How are you?"

There are two types of pasta sauce to be released this time: "Sava can and olive oil pasta sauce" and "Sava can and lemon basil pasta sauce". It is offered in a double pouch of "mackerel sauce", which is made by carefully soaking mackerel meat in olive oil, and "pasta sauce", which makes the best use of the flavor of the ingredients.