Nitori "Window-related items" recommended for saving electricity in winter

Nitori Wind

ow-related Items Recommended for

Saving Energy in

Winter Here are some window-related items recommended for saving energy in winter, which have been on sale at some Nitori stores and on the Nitori net since late August. All of these items can be easily installed by simply placing, attaching, or inserting.

Draft-preventing hem lace

Nitori "Gap ventilation prevention hem lace

This item can prevent drafts by simply attaching it to the hem of the curtain by clipping it from the backside of the curtain. Size: 100 cm (width) x 25 cm (height); material: 100% polyester. Includes a clip. Price: 799 yen (tax included).

Cold Air Stop Board (WB3

Nitori "Cold Air Stop Board (WB3)"

A thicker type of board that saves energy by helping to reduce heating costs. It can be cut with scissors, making it easy to adjust the size. It can be used for windows up to 190 cm in width and firmly cuts cold air from outside. It is fixed with suction cups (4 pieces).

Available in six sizes (width 200 cm x height 45 cm to width 300 cm x height 60 cm). Prices range from 999 yen to 2,290 yen (tax included).

Condensation Absorbing Tape (WT3) 3-pack

Nitori "Condensation Absorbent Tape 3-pack (WT3)"

This tape absorbs condensation from window glass and aluminum sashes in winter and dries them out. It blocks hot and cold air from outside and improves the efficiency of air conditioning. Weak adhesive type that leaves little adhesive residue and can be easily cut with scissors. Size: 15 x 30 cm, price: 499 yen (tax included).

Water-applied window sheet for heat insulation and condensation control

Nitori "Water-applied window sheet for heat insulation and condensation control

Window sheet with three layers of film and air layers for heat insulation and condensation control. The heat-insulating effect makes it warm and comfortable in winter and saves heating costs. It also prevents the surface temperature of glass from dropping and suppresses condensation. It also blocks ultraviolet rays while blindfolding. Can be affixed with water. Sizes 90 cm (width) x 180 cm (height); priced at 799 yen (tax included).