Guide to points to enjoy with nail care and art

nail care nails

The ultimate guide to mastering the beauty of your fingertips! From nail care to art, we will introduce methods and points (steps) to create attractive fingertips.

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1. Basic nail care

First, let's shape the nails. Use nail clippers and files to shape and remove dirt and old nails.

2. Don't forget to moisturize

It is important to keep the skin around your hands and nails moisturized. Use nail oil or hand cream to prevent dryness.

Don't forget to moisturize with hand cream

3. Importance of base coat

A base coat is essential for your nails. Protects your nails and prevents uneven coloring.

Importance of base coat

4. How to choose nail color

The key is to choose a color that matches your skin tone and fashion. Enjoy bright colors and colors that match the season.

How to choose nail color

5. Art and design ideas

When you enjoy nail art and design, use your ideas and get creative. Express your individuality with stones, stamps, and stencils.

Art and design ideas

6. Finish with top coat

Use a top coat to protect your nails and add shine. It is also important to make your nails last longer.

Finish with top coat

7. Allow time to dry

After painting your nails, give them enough time to dry. If you dry your nails too quickly, you may damage your freshly painted nails.

Nail care points

In order to enjoy beautiful nails, proper care and ingenuity are important. Enjoy nail care and art to enjoy your own style and fashion.