White-stick serum

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Stick-shaped serum “VC90 White Stick” from Harbor Institute will be released in limited quantities from April 18th.

From April 18th, Harbor Institute's stick-shaped beauty serum "VC90 White Stick" with a high content of vitamin C will be available for mail order at online shops and at Shop Harbor stores nationwide for 3,520 yen (tax included). It will be released.

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Thoroughly care for all skin concerns

In addition to vitamin C, ``VC90 White Stick'' contains the serum ingredient Sepiwhite MSH and the moisturizing ingredient stearyl glycyrrhetinate, which can work on all kinds of damaged areas such as dullness and rough skin caused by dryness and irregular texture. .

Stick-shaped serum is effective for localized skin problems

``VC90 White Stick'' is a stick type, so you can apply it pinpoint to the areas of concern, allowing you to pinpoint and directly care for the areas of concern. It feels moist and smooth to apply, and the serum ingredients and moisturizing ingredients adhere tightly to the skin, leaving it bright and moisturized.

How to use: After applying lotion, simply dispense about 5mm of the product and apply it directly to the areas of concern.

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