Nitori “Paper towel that disinfects when wet (thick type SP)”

Nitori “Paper towels that disinfect when wet (thick type SP)” “Kitchen oil-wiping paper” “Washable paper towels”

Nitori sells paper towels that disinfect when wet (thick type SP), kitchen oil-wiping paper, and washable paper towels.

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Paper towel that disinfects when wet (thick type SP)

Paper towels, which kill 99% of germs when wet, are a popular Nitori item. It has been well-received, with comments such as ``Easy to disinfect and convenient'' and ``Wipe down tables and refrigerators after meals to keep them clean.'' Perfect for cleaning around the kitchen or wiping off moisture after using the restroom.

This time, we have developed the ``Paper Towel SP (thick type) that can disinfect bacteria'' based on customer feedback that ``I want a thicker type that can be wiped more thoroughly.'' It's thick so it won't tear easily, so it's recommended when you want to wipe thoroughly or when you want to use it unfolded without folding it. The water absorption speed is approximately 1.5 times faster than conventional products, making it more convenient to use around water. Great for everyday use, as well as for year-end cleaning.

Nitori “Paper towel that disinfects when wet (thick type SP)”

Size is approximately 21x11.5x8cm/1 piece approximately 21x23cm. 120 pieces, 199 yen (tax included).

kitchen oil wiping paper

"Kitchen Oil Wiping Paper", which can quickly remove tough oil stains with just one sheet, is now on sale at some Nitori stores and Nitori Net. Contains oil-soluble ingredients to effectively remove oil stains. The plant-derived surfactant firmly captures dissolved dirt, so you don't have to wipe it twice.

Nitori “Kitchen Oil Wiping Paper”

Perfect for use in areas where oil stains are a concern, such as range hoods, toasters, stoves/walls, microwave ovens, ventilation fans, etc. It has sterilization, virus removal, and antivirus functions, making the wiped area cleaner. Comes with a plastic cap, so it won't dry easily and is easy to use.

Size is approximately 25.2x10.2x5.7cm/1 piece approximately 15x20cm. 60 pieces, 599 yen (tax included).

washable paper towels

Durable and wretchable paper towels that can be washed and used are now on sale at all Nitori stores and on Nitori Net. It is characterized by not tearing easily even when wet, and can be used again if washed and wrung out. One piece can be used repeatedly, and it can be thrown away at the end for hygienic purposes. It can be used for everything from draining food to cleaning the sink and floors.

Nitori “Washable and usable paper towel”

Size is approximately 23x10.3x9cm/1 piece approximately 22.5x21cm. 80 pieces, 299 yen (tax included).

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