Nitori "Soundproof Rug Herringbone Series" Plump volume type! Can be used all year round, no need to clean up, highly functional Image 1

Nitori “Soundproof Rug Herringbone Series”

The “Soundproof Rug Herringbone Series” is on sale at some Nitori stores and Nitori Net.


Soundproof rug herringbone series

When you sit or lie down to relax in the living room, you may be concerned about the hardness of the floor or the pain in your body. Introducing the new Soundproof Rug Herringbone Series, a fluffy and voluminous rug that solves these problems.

The same colors and patterns as the popular "Rug Herringbone Series" make it easy to match with any room, and the urethane filling is about 30mm thick, about 6 times as thick. The fluffy cushioning prevents your body from hurting, and it also has a soundproofing effect that softens the sounds of everyday life.

Nitori “Soundproof Rug Herringbone Series”

The problem with voluminous rugs is that they are bulky and difficult to store, but they are smooth to the touch and can be used all year round, regardless of the season, so there is no need to clean them up. In addition to being compatible with floor heating and hot carpets, it is also highly functional, with an anti-slip coating on the back and an antibacterial, deodorizing, and antibacterial coating on the surface.

【Tax-included price】
Approximately 1.5 tatami mats Width 130 x Depth 185 cm 7,490 yen Approximately 2.2 tatami width 185 x Depth 185 cm 8,990 yen Approximately 3 tatami width 200 x Depth 240 cm 11,990 yen *Separate handling fee required for purchase or delivery to some remote islands

[Color] 2 colors (gray, beige)

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