"Popcorn" for watching movies, "Pizza" for watching sports. These two are typical TV companions, aren't they? And whichever you pick, beer is absolutely essential.

But when a movie story or a sports match is at its climax, it's a bit of a hassle to run to the kitchen to unplug beer. CLICKER's universal remote controller with a bottle opener is convenient in such cases.

CLICKER's bottle opener remote control is a universal remote control compatible with various devices such as TVs, DVD players, and cable TV boxes. But this product isn't for sale there, it probably has a bottle opener.

The remote control is always placed on the coffee table in front of the TV. When you want to open a beer stopper, you can immediately pick it up and use it. Bottle openers are small in size and rarely used, so they tend to be lost. However, if it is a remote control, the size is large and it will not be easily lost.

Since it is larger than a normal bottle opener, it also has the advantage of using the principle of a lever to remove the bottle opener with a lighter force.

Prices vary depending on the sales site, but range from $ 12 to $ 25. In addition, it seems that it may not be compatible with the latest TVs and recorders.

Well, actually, this "remote control with a bottle opener". Other manufacturers also manufacture. For example, Philips, a major Dutch consumer electronics maker, also had a time when it sold a universal remote control for TV / DVD with a bottle opener.

This Philips remote control was released in 2006. I was targeting people watching the German World Cup on TV. Beer is indispensable for watching sports in every country.