Future forecast map that was once drawn in learning magazines. Various future technologies such as "videophone", "wall-mounted TV", and "flying car" were introduced there.

Many have already been realized or are approaching realization. However, "clothes without buttons" that can be put on and taken off in an instant by just touching a part of the clothes, and that "silver clothes of the future" have not been realized. On the contrary, it seems to be disappearing from many people's memories.

The "Personal Robotics Group" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States is developing an ultra-small robot "Zipperbot" that can automatically open and close fasteners. This is a technology that makes "future people's clothes" that can be put on and taken off just by touching them into reality.

When the "Zipper Bot" is switched on, it moves while closing the zipper and stops when it is completely closed. On the contrary, if you turn on the switch with the zipper closed, it will open the zipper. Despite being still in the prototype stage, the "Zipper Bot" is already small enough to fit on a jacket without much discomfort.

Unfortunately, MIT is not developing "zipper bots" to bring the world of science fiction to life. It is said that it is developing this technology for the purpose of providing clothes that can be automatically put on and taken off by people with disabilities and those who need long-term care. However, not many people want to wear that silver outfit, and few may be disappointed. That outfit may be convenient, but the design is the worst.

However, if this technology is put into practical use, it will be beneficial to the general public. For example, when you want to open the front of the coat while wearing gloves, the "zipper bot" is convenient.

See the following video for how the "Zipperbot" prototype works.