Rock and roll shrimp bade!

Speaking of summer, "rock festivals", did you enjoy this summer as well?

Even the author, who usually stays away and listens to iTunes, jumps out and participates in various festivals nationwide only at this time. This time, we will deliver what is common to such "festival-loving Arasa girls" along with the state of the rock festival "SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2015" held at Lake Yamanaka. Let's look back on ourselves with those who have already finished summer and those who have plans yet!

Arasa girls with more than 10 years of festival history will send you
Arasa girls with more than 10 years of festival history will send you

1. Clothes emphasize functionality rather than fashion every year

2. I long for a corolla but can't put it on

3.1 people have experience in festivals
4. I've been preparing for a week, but I'm not finished even the day before
5. Goods that care for you (high thiol C, rest time, etc.) are indispensable at the overnight festival
6. Prepare for young artists
7. Close the LINE with your friends the night before with "Then, let's have a toast!"
8. But I'm so excited that I can't sleep easily
9. The meeting time tends to be late on the day

10. "Oh, this is Heineken?"

11. Even if you have a boyfriend or husband, there are artists who want to be embraced by this person
12. So I'm not very interested in festival boys
13. Picking up food is caught
14. The men who care for me in the mosh zone are thrilled
15. I'm glad if the men next door, who had been looking cool until then, waved their hands up in the last song
16. I envy the couple while saying, "It would be a hassle to come with my boyfriend."
17. Even if I decide not to buy sloppy goods, I will buy it when I see it after the stage

"I usually wear it if I'm lucky!"
"I usually wear it if I'm lucky!"

18. Suddenly talk about rock while moving between stages
19. I have met an artist in the hall
20. I can't go around Imetre street, and I am keenly aware of my weakness.
21. I should be moving a lot, but for some reason I get fat
22. I buy souvenirs, but I don't really understand the local sightseeing
23. Sleep like mud after returning home
24. When I wake up, go to TSUTAYA to find the sound source that interests me
25. Completion of “Summer Festival Playlist 2015”
26. It's hard to get back to reality at work
27. Try changing the desktop to Ah
28. There is no sense of loss after the end of summer

Summer, don't go ...
Summer, don't go ...
29. I'm lonely and take a one-man operation in the fall and winter
30. You can make friends the moment you find out that you like festivals even for the first time

By the way, was there something that you could sympathize with? No matter how tired and painful it may be, if you're a summer festival addict who wants to go again after a year, let's meet again next year!