This year too, employment and going on to higher education have been decided, and the season to prepare for a new life from April has come. Have you decided on a gift for such people?

For those who haven't yet, "Money Maze Bank" is something you want or don't want to recommend. It's a piggy bank that's easy to put in, but difficult to take out.

"Money Maze Bank" is a piggy bank with a mechanism that the lid does not open unless the main body is moved and the ball in the maze is moved to the goal. The difficulty level is quite high, the maze covers all six sides, and the long distance the ball moves makes it difficult to reach the goal.

According to a review posted on a US sales site, he gave it to a 10-year-old kid and gave up opening it in about 20 minutes. With this piggy bank, even new students and new members of society who live alone may be able to save money.

I feel that it is a perfect gift from the perspective of teaching younger people the importance of money (or rather, from diagonally above).

For some reason, the publisher also suggests how to put a watch or other gift in this piggy bank and use it as a gift box. As a result, it is difficult to reach the watch that is a gift, and the joy of getting it increases. It's easy to let go of what you get easily, but the opposite is also true. The idea of looking from diagonally above is wonderful.

You can purchase it at the US mail order site Fat Brain Toys. The price is $ 9.95, but it's a pity that the shipping fee to Japan will be $ 48.50. It is also available on the marketplace in the United States, so it may be a good idea to check where the shipping cost to Japan is low before ordering.