Mitsubishi Electric "Kirigamine" Z series
New features for families with children (Image is FZ series)

New models of "FZ series" and "Z series" will be sold sequentially from the end of October from Mitsubishi Electric's room air conditioner "Kirigamine". A function has been added to determine the temperature of adults and children who have different feelings of warmth and coldness.

The new model released this time automatically determines the feeling of warmth and coldness of adults and children (height about 75 to 130 cm) using the "Move Eye Pole" equipped with an infrared sensor and an original algorithm. It seems that it measures the temperature changes of the hands and feet and blows air according to each.

FZ series "Move eye pole" sensor
Distinguish between adults and children and details such as hands and feet (image is an image)

The FZ series features the left and right propeller fans "Personal Twin Flow" that move independently. Create a temperature space that differs by up to about 5 degrees at your feet.

Mitsubishi Electric Kirigamine "Personal Twin Flow"
FZ series "Personal Twin Flow"

On the other hand, in the Z series, the "Takumi flap" that blows the wind at the same time in the front, back, left and right automatically switches between "wind contact" operation and "wind protection" operation.

Mitsubishi Electric "Kirigamine" Z series
Z series

In each case, the state-of-the-art energy-saving system "Full SiC DIPIPM" is installed to improve energy-saving performance. The lineup includes 6 models of the FZ series and 12 models of the Z series. The price is open.