LINE platform "LINE Creators Market"
A chance for those who are frustrated?

"LINE Creators Market" is a platform where you can sell stamps for the message app "LINE". It is said that there are many people who make a lot of money, mainly professional illustrators and users who are good at illustration.

Anyone can apply, but until now, 40 stamps per set had to be made, which was a bit of a hurdle. It seems that the examination criteria have been changed to "at least 8".

As a result, "still image stamps" can be selected from 8, 16, 24, 32, and 40, and "moving stamps" can be selected from 8, 16, 24. Even people and children who are not good at drawing can enjoy stamp making more easily and easily.

In addition, stamps using "photographs", which were previously prohibited, have also been lifted. It is now possible to create and sell stamps using not only your own photos but also photos of friends, family, pets, and landscapes. For example, as a wedding or birthday celebration for an important friend, you can create an original stamp with a photo of your friend and give it using the present function, which can be used in more various situations than ever before.

LINE platform "LINE Creators Market"
Image of LINE photo stamp

The selling price of stamps can be set from 120 yen per set as before. 50% (35% of total sales), excluding commissions (30%) from total sales, will be the amount of revenue distribution to creators. Check the LINE Creators Market for details on how to apply.