Kaiji VR ~ Despair Steel Crossing ~
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Solid Sphere has decided to release the PlayStation VR game software "Kaiji VR ~ Despair of Steel Crossing ~" this winter. It seems that you can experience with a sense of reality using PlayStation VR, which allows you to immerse yourself in virtual reality (VR) when you wear it.

Kaiji VR ~ Despair Steel Crossing ~
As expected VR

The title is a game version of the story part of the steel frame crossing from "Despair Castle Edition" of Nobuyuki Fukumoto's popular manga "Gaming Apocalypse Kaiji". Players must become participants in harsh gambling and cross high-altitude steel frames in a balanced manner using a controller.

In addition to the main character "Kaiji", characters such as "Sahara" and "Ishida" also appear in the game. Many famous scenes in the work are developed, and it seems that you can experience not only the fear of crossing steel frames at high places, but also as if you are actually trying to cross steel frames in the same world as Kaiji and others.

Kaiji VR ~ Despair Steel Crossing ~
Ah ... Mr. Ishida ...!

Scheduled to be released this winter. The price is undecided.

(C) Nobuyuki Fukumoto / highstone, Inc.
(C) Solid Sphere, Inc.