Van Houten "Seasonal Flavor"
[Van Houten] Almond cocoa (left) [Van Houten] Spice cocoa (right)

From the cocoa brand "Van Houten", seasonal flavors "Almond Cocoa" and "Spice Cocoa" will be on sale in limited quantities from early November. Each has a content of 160g (5.64oz) (about 6 cups) and a price of 648 yen (tax included).

"[Van Houten] Almond Cocoa" is a praline-flavored milk cocoa with a rich almond scent. It has a rich taste with plenty of crushed chocolate.

"[Van Houten] Spice Cocoa" is a rich milk cocoa with five kinds of spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. The taste of mellow chocolate loved in Europe.

Comes in a can that is convenient for storage. The package, which looks stylish just by placing it in the kitchen, expresses a fragrant flavor.

"Van Houten" seasonal flavor
The cute package that decorates the kitchen and dining room is also attractive