Apple pie style custard toast
A toast recipe that you can enjoy the taste of apple pie.
Material ( 2 servings )
Plain bread 2 sheets
Apple 1/2 piece
Dried fruit Small amount
Custard cream powder 1 bag
milk Appropriate amount
Apple pie style custard toast
Bread is a luxurious dessert ♪

Can you make custard cream just by adding milk? I found something called "custard cream powder" at a confectionery material store. The price including tax is 216 yen for cuoca products.

Apple pie style custard toast
Is it custard cream powder?

Creme patissiere is usually made by boiling eggs, milk, sugar and flour in a pan. But with this "custard cream powder", you can just add cold milk. What it looks like is easy!

cuoca "Custard cream powder"
There is such an explanation on the back

I bought it with curiosity, but I didn't have enough guts to make cream puffs. So I decided to use it as a toast "ingredient". If you add boiled apples, it will have an apple pie-like taste that you want to eat in the fall and winter.

Ingredients: Bread (2 pieces) / Apples (1/2 pieces) / Dried fruits (small amount) / Custard cream powder (1 bag) / Milk (specified amount)

Apple pie style custard toast

How to make:
1. Lightly toast the bread. Mix the specified amount of milk with the custard cream powder.

cuoca "Custard cream powder"
Add powder to milk (left) and mix with a whisk to make cream (right).

2. Divide the apple into 4 equal parts and slice it thinly.
Put it in a heat-resistant container, wrap it, and heat it in a microwave oven (600W) for about one and a half minutes.

3. Apply custard cream to the toasted bread.

Apple pie style custard toast
You can choose the thickness of the cream

4. Arrange the apples of "2" in a well-balanced manner and toast until lightly browned.

Apple pie style custard toast
I tried arranging them in the shape of fish scales

5. Sprinkle dried fruits such as raisins on the color to complete.

Apple pie style custard toast
It's done! It's a pity that there was no cinnamon powder

By the way, the taste you are interested in is ... The sweet cream, crispy and fragrant bread, and sour apples match well, and you can eat it at breakfast. I used 8 slices of bread, but I was a little defeated by the weight of the cream, so it seems better to use 6 or 4 slices.

In addition to cuoca, it seems that custard cream "elements" are sold not only by Nippon Flour Mills and Kyoritsu Foods. It's a convenient item that lowers the hurdles for making sweets, so if you find one at the store, try it.

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