PLAZA "PEANUTS Christmas Tree Shape Case"
PEANUTS Christmas tree shape case

At each "PLAZA" and "MINiPLA" store, Christmas-only sweets designed with the PEANUTS character are on sale from early November.

A part of the lineup is as follows. All listed prices do not include tax. Handling differs depending on the store.

・ "PEANUTS Christmas Tree Shape Case" 800 yen A product containing Snoopy-shaped cookies and chocolate in a Christmas tree-shaped case. The case can be stood up and can be enjoyed as an interior.

・ "PEANUTS Snoopy Big Socks" 1,790 yen

PEANUTS Snoopy big socks

Snoopy-shaped socks in the shape of Santa Claus with biscuits, cookies, snacks and candy.

・ "PEANUTS Christmas House Cup" 940 yen

PEANUTS Christmas House Cup

A product with candy in a cup. The roof-shaped lid can be opened and taken out. After eating, the cup can be used as an accessory case or a drink.