Lightning Cable Protective Cover for iPhone

A Lightning cable (power connector) that iPhone users use almost every day. If you repeatedly bend and stretch each time you charge the battery, the area around the connector may be damaged.

Damaged Lightning cable
If you don't take proper measures, it can become so tattered.

I found an item that seems to solve this problem at the 100-yen shop CAN DO, so I bought it. The product name is "Lightning Cable Protective Cover for iPhone". By installing it near the connector, it is possible to prevent excessive bending of the cable and prevent disconnection.

Lightning Cable Protective Cover for iPhone
Contains a total of 8 parts

Now let's attach it to the Lightning cable. First, sandwich the vicinity of the connector with two long parts.

Lightning Cable Protective Cover for iPhone
I will install the parts in order

Lightning Cable Protective Cover for iPhone

Once it clicks, fix it with two short parts. This covered the area around the connector. Certainly this is unlikely to break! Since each bag contains two sets of parts, it is also possible to protect both the USB terminal side and the Lightning terminal side. You'll want to attach it to a Lightning cable all over the house.

Lightning Cable Protective Cover for iPhone
It is covered firmly, and the sense of security is greatly improved.

The difficulty is that the parts fit tightly together, so it's a little difficult to remove. In that case, it seems that you can remove it well by aligning the seams of the parts and inserting the nails.

A Lightning cable that becomes more and more worn out once it is damaged. Why don't you use these handy items to protect yourself from shocks and make them usable for a long time?