Rainbow sandwich
It ’s just moe! A recipe for a colorful rainbow sandwich.
Material ( 2 servings )
Sandwich bread (with cut ears) 6 sheets
butter Appropriate amount
sour cream 90ml (3.04us fl oz)
Cream cheese 150g (5.29oz)
Shredded purple cabbage Appropriate amount
cucumber 1/2
avocado 1/2 piece
Boiled egg For 1.5 pieces
Ham 2 sheets
smoked salmon 4-5 sheets
Easter rainbow sandwich cake
Celebrate the arrival of spring!

Christianity's biggest holiday "Easter". 2017 is set for Sunday, April 16th, and it seems that it is common for families to get together and eat a feast overseas.

The tea brand "Lipton" proposes "Easter Tea Party" , which is getting more and more attention in Japan every year. This time, I've learned a recipe that looks and tastes very satisfying, so I'll introduce it.

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
The recipe is supervised by Mr. Masachin Gojo, who is known as a "master of party cooking".

■ Easter rainbow sandwich cake

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
Enchanted by "moe cut"

[Material (for 2 people)]
・ 6 sandwich breads (with cut ears) ・ Appropriate amount of butter * Keep at room temperature ・ Sour cream 90ml (3.04us fl oz)
・ Cream cheese 150g (5.29oz)
・ Sandwich ingredients Shredded purple cabbage ... Marinated with French dressing 1/2 cucumber ... Slice thinly with a peeler 1/2 avocado ... Slice and sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent discoloration Boiled egg ... 1.5 pieces 2 hams and 4-5 smoked salmon

・ Edible flower appropriate amount

[How to make]
1. Mix the sour cream and cream cheese that have been returned to room temperature with a whisk to make them smooth.
2. Butter the bread on one side
3. Place the bread on a flat plate or a cutting board, and stack in the order of purple cabbage → bread → cucumber & avocado → bread → egg → bread → ham → bread → salmon → bread.

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
The point is to put the ingredients as flat as possible

4. Lightly apply 1 cream around the sandwich with a palette knife and reapply it cleanly from above.

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
It is easy to apply the protruding ingredients if you cut them

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
Apply roughly at first

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
The second time it will be clean

5. Complete with edible flowers

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
Edible flower "edible flower"

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
Treat it as cute as a cake

When cutting a sandwich, warm the knife well so that the cross section will be cut beautifully.

Easter rainbow sandwich cake
Great success!

It looks like a cake, but it tastes like a meal sandwich. You can enjoy various textures and tastes at once, and you can eat until the end without getting tired.

Next is iced tea that goes well with sandwiches. Finish with the typical Easter motif "rabbit".

■ Easter bunny iced tea

Easter bunny iced tea
The back of a round bunny is cute

[Material (for 2 people)]
Lipton Cold Brew Earl Greaty Crush Ice Appropriate amount Vanilla Ice 2 Scoop Marshmallow 1 Mini Marshmallow 3 Deco Choco Pen (Pink)
Color sugar (pink)

First, make the bunny's ears and legs. Lightly crush the large marshmallows with the palm of your hand, cut them into 1/4 pieces with scissors, and sprinkle the cross section with pink sugar. For the mini marshmallow, cut one in half (for the tail) and the other two to make it into an elongated shape and cut it in half with scissors (for the sole of the foot). Draw a paw with a chocolate pen and you're ready to go.

Easter bunny iced tea
A lot of bunnies

Lipton's new product "Cold Brew Earl Greaty" is used for iced tea. If you put the pack in water, you can make a fragrant iced tea in 3 minutes (in the case of 500 ml). Convenient!

Easter bunny iced tea
This time I used watered iced tea

Put ice in a glass, pour iced tea, put ice scooped with a scoop on it, and decorate your ears, tail, and soles. Be careful not to miss a photo opportunity as it melts easily.

Easter bunny iced tea
Finer ice is easier to make

Easter bunny iced tea
Quickly finish it as a bunny

The gorgeous sandwiches and soothing iced tea are sure to please you not only at Easter but also at birthday parties and girls-only gatherings. Even beginners can easily make it, so it may be good to make it with children and friends.