Pitta mask new color
An era of coordinating masks

A mask that used to be white. I was scared when I saw a black mask once in a while, but recently the number of people using it has increased and I'm completely used to it.

"Pitta mask" is a fashionable way to enjoy such masks. Did you know that colorful variations have been added as new colors for this fall and winter?

Pitta mask new color
The number of color masks has increased (part of the image)

The pitta mask is a mask made of soft and elastic polyurethane material. The feature is that it firmly prevents the invasion of pollen and ultraviolet rays by adhering to the unevenness of the face. Breathing is smooth with a natural fit that makes you feel as if you were part of your face. Personally, I also like the fact that the glasses do not fog easily.

Pitta mask pastel color
Polyurethane material is the point

Introducing an assorted model of three pastel colors for small sizes for women and children. It contains salmon pink, lavender, and baby pink that seem to go well with girly clothes, and makes your expression look bright.

Pitta mask pastel color
3 pastel colors

Pitta mask pastel color
The image is baby pink. It looks like it will look good in the winter scenery

The regular size includes uniforms, suits, navy colors that match denim style, and khaki that is familiar to outdoor fashion. Both have a calm color and are less intimidating than black.

Pitta mask navy
Navy that is easy for men to wear

Pitta mask new color
Khaki and chic color assortment are also available

Can be washed and used repeatedly!

It is also a nice point to wash the pitta mask and use it repeatedly. It costs about 500 yen for 3 pieces per bag, but even if you wash it 3 times, the filter performance does not change and it is economical.

Pitta mask new color
Can be used repeatedly by hand washing and shade drying

A new concept pitta mask that allows you to enjoy fashion even in a mask. Not only for everyday use, but also for teams at shops and events during the pollen season, it seems to be exciting.