Rush "Bright and Beautiful

Lush "Bright & Beautiful" Facial Scrub

Lush "Bright & Beautiful" Foaming Facial Scrub will be available at 76 Lush stores nationwide and at the official online store on November 11. 100g (3.53oz)/2,300 yen (including tax).



Beautiful "Bright & Beautiful" is a winter-only skincare product that cleanses, moisturizes, and exfoliates all at once. It contains baking soda and citric acid, the main ingredients in Lush's popular bath bombs (bath salts). When baking soda is mixed with citric acid and water, carbon dioxide gas is generated and bubbles begin to form. The freshly created foam on the hands removes dirt deep in the pores while preventing friction caused by hands.

Rush "Bright and Beautiful

Charcoal powder, which is porous and absorbs well, is blended as a naturally occurring scrub to remove dead skin cells accumulated on the skin. Vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) is also included to help keep skin firm, elastic, and healthy.

It can be used not only as a facial scrub, but also as a face wash or face mask, depending on the skin condition and mood of the day. When your skin is sensitive due to the change of season, you can use it as a facial cleanser by taking advantage of its foaming action, and when you want to take good care of dry winter skin, you can use it as a face mask without rinsing it off immediately.

Rush "Bright and Beautiful

Due to the action of the vitamin C powder, you may feel a tingling sensation after application. If your skin is dry or sensitive, use a smaller amount and for a shorter period of time.
Red pigment may be difficult to remove if left on skin for a long time or depending on skin type. If the pigment does not come off with water or lukewarm water, rinse well with a facial cleanser.