Nitori Deco Home "Autumn & WinterCollection

Nitori Deco Home

"Autumn & WinterCollection" has been on sale at Nitori Deco Home since late September. Based on the concept of "naturalistic urban style," the lineup includes items expressing "serenity" and "glamour" with designs decorated with magnolia flowers.

Cushion covers

Nitori Deco Home "Cushion Cover

Cushion covers with chic flower-patterned cushions to create a mature and cute living room. Priced at 599 yen (tax included, same as below).

Cutting board

Nitori Deco Home "Cutting Board

A cutting board with a guard that allows food to be moved without spilling. Dishwasher-safe. Made of resin. Size: 210 mm (length), 325 mm (width), 9 mm (thickness) (cutting board portion: 5 mm).

Silicone spatula

Nitori Deco Home "Silicone spatula

Spatula made of heat-resistant silicone rubber. Seamless shape for easy washing. Dishwasher-safe. Price: 199 yen.


Nitori Deco Home "Apron

Apron with hook holes for convenient storage. Material is 100% polyester. Price: 1,590 yen.

Wearable blanket

Nitori Decohome "Wearable Blanket

Wearable blanket with fluffy comfort and warmer specifications than "N-Warm. It is moist and smooth with a moisture retention function. Price: 3,490 yen.

Dress Towel

Nitori Deco Home "Dress Towel

Antibacterial and deodorizing towel. Size: approx. 34 x 70 cm, made of 100% cotton. Price: 499 yen.