Electronic paper display "Paperlike"

"Paperlike" is a 13.3 inch display using electronic paper. It may be convenient when working in an open cafe because it can maintain high visibility even outdoors.

"Paper like" maintains high visibility even outdoors
Display using electronic paper "Paperlike"

"Paperlike" is a display developed for the main monitor of desktop PCs and the second screen of notebook PCs. Unlike liquid crystal displays, it is easy on the eyes because it does not use a backlight.

Difference between liquid crystal display and electronic paper
"Paper like" does not use a backlight and is easy on the eyes

Prolonged use of the liquid crystal display may cause eye strain and headaches caused by it. It has also been pointed out that exposure to blue light may cause sleep disorders. DASUNG, the developer of "Paperlike," says the use of "Paperlike" may be effective in alleviating these symptoms.

Until now, electronic paper has been mainly used in electronic book terminals. However, "Paperlike" is designed for PC displays. For this reason, the screen size of "Paperlike" is as large as 13.3 inches. The maximum resolution is set to 1,600x1,200. The drawing speed is also faster than that of conventional electronic paper.

"Paperlike" is 13.3 inches with a larger screen than conventional electronic paper
"Paperlike" was designed for PC displays

In addition, electronic paper has the advantage of having a wide viewing angle.

"Paper like" with a wide viewing angle
"Paperlike" that uses electronic paper has a wide viewing angle

Of course, e-paper also has some drawbacks. The first is that it cannot be displayed in color. The other is drawing speed. Even though it is faster, it is not as fast as a liquid crystal display. For this reason, "Paperlike" will not be suitable for people who want to process photos using Photoshop, etc., or who want to enjoy games and videos.

"Paperlike" drawing performance
Can President Obama's facial expression be read even on a monochrome screen?

However, it can be said that the specifications are sufficient to handle the business of the company using word processors and spreadsheets. If you're on the go and get caught up in an emergency like "You have to get rid of your MS Office documents in a hurry! It's going to be a big deal", you can handle it in the sun.

Word processor, "Paperlike" enough to use for spreadsheets
Real emergencies rarely happen, but ...

Compatible with Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 and Mac OS.

"Paper like" can be charged by microUSB
It's a pity that it doesn't support mobile OS, but is it perfect for large screens for Windows smartphones and tablets?

The developer, DASUNG, is currently conducting a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for the commercialization of "Paperlike". At the time of this writing, a $ 799 "Paperlike" is available. The amount required to obtain it will increase as the campaign progresses, and the retail price after the end will be $ 995. Shipment is scheduled for August 2016.

Personally, I would like to buy a notebook PC equipped with electronic paper. Isn't there demand if we can develop a "PC that can be used continuously for a week if it is charged once" in combination with an ultra-low power CPU?