Smartphone keyboard "Stick"

The foldable smartphone / tablet keyboard "Stick", which is convenient to carry, will go on sale on June 24th. When folded, it becomes a stick type, making it easy to carry in a bag.

Bluetooth keyboard "Stick" for smartphones / tablets
Launched "Stick" keyboard for smartphones / tablets

Many people use tablet terminals and smartphones instead of notebook PCs for internal and external meetings. But even then, when you're typing a lot of information, you may want a traditional keyboard.

"Stick" is a convenient Bluetooth keyboard in such cases. The folding method is "vertical folding" instead of "horizontal folding", which is widely available on the market, so it is possible to realize a slim and fashionable look that satisfies the desire for ownership.

"Stick" looks when folded
Do you want a design like this?

A stand is provided at the top of the main unit. You can use your smartphone or tablet upright.

"Stick" usage example
When used with "Stick", the smartphone looks like a business tool

It can be used continuously for about 80 hours on a single charge. The standby time is 180 days. It weighs about 360 grams and is lightweight, so you can use it like "put it in your bag in case of emergency".

Lightweight, "Stick" that you can always put in your bag
I don't know if I will use it, but for the time being ...

However, as a result, if you experience that the "Stick" that you keep in your bag is useful when you are out, is it okay if you don't carry your laptop anymore? You may come to think.

"Stick" size
Notebook PCs are heavy ...

There are three color variations, "Rose Gold", "Gold", and "Space Gray", which are easy for women to use. The suggested retail price is 6,470 yen (excluding consumption tax).

"Stick" color variation